about WGD
The World Good Design (WGD) project was proposed by Motoo Nakanishi, Chairman of the PAOS Group.

He has conducted unique research and activities for more than thirty years to embody the idea that design is a common denominator of all fields.

He has also worked as the Chairman of the Jury of the G-Mark System of Japan, the Good Design Awards project with a 50-yearhistory, for three years and has contributed much to the development of the system as a private design project.

To insure the success of this project and to embody the concept "Good Design is Good Business," WGD was started with the cooperation of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization(JIDPO), the organizer of the G-Mark system, aiming at providing good-design-related information and diffusion of good-design products around the world.

WGD is a design movement and business which is conducted and actively supported by "designists" who love superior designs and promote a diffusion of good-design products.
World Good Design Inc.
CEO : Motoo Nakanishi
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