WGD Idea
WGD is a business project to promote good-design products.

Making the bestuse of the Internet, WGD quickly collects and provides information regarding such products, including winners of good design awards around the world such as the Good Design Awards of Japan, the Industrial Design Excellence Awards of the United States, and the iF Design Awards of Germany.

It also acts as a go-between for sales of such products. Moreover, WGD is working to offer business support to companies that conduct design-oriented activities, as well as to provide new business opportunities to connect designers and clients.

Originating in Japan, which is now moving towards becoming a truly mature society, WGD was started as a comprehensive project that promotes both culture and economy.

We can say that WGD is a new design movement advocated by "designists" who appreciate superior designs and promote a diffusion of good-design products.

It is also an economic promotion project that encourages business bodies with the help of beautiful and comfortable infrastructures for our daily lives and business environments.

Organized by active "designists" who have established a business body through their own investment, WGD can be called an initiator of new design businesses to embody the concept that "Good Design is Good Business." WGD's business model, based mainly on the Web, is full of originality, there being no other similar case in the world.

Reflecting results of design awards around the world, WGD's website is always filled with the latest contents and contexts of good-design products, and such information is continuously fed into the site.

In a sense, we can say that WGD is a business design. As a business body, WGD intends to go public in the future.
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